C5 Corvette, 100 % stock,.runs a 13 second flat 1/4 mile

.353 reaction time, 1.977 60 foot 13.089 time 106.50 trap speed.......big fun

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Stock C5 Corvette - 12.8 @ 110
Stock 2000 6 Speed Coupe with a 1.98 60 foot. 5.29.09

1999 Corvette C5 vs. 2013 392 Hemi Challenger
Hey all, this was at Irwindale dragstrip. Got to have a rematch against that same SRT8 Challenger that properly kicked my ass in the Mustang. I beat him once, but then he came back with an impressive victory. Hard to believe a car that heavy can move that fast. I actually have to wear a helmet now... yes... Ive earned it LOL Mods are: Corvette: K&N CAI, GHL bullet Exhaust 392 Challenger: Exhaust, tune

C5 Corvette bone stock 13 second quarter mile passes
Bone Stock c5 6 speed with factory 3:42 gears.

C5 vs. Cobra
Cartek C5 vs. Cobra