86 mustang explorer motor tfs 1 cam gt40p heads flowmaster

Video of my 86 Mustang on the last day I owned her after 13 years. 97 explorer motor, tfs 1 cam, ported explorer intake, 373's, etc etc

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1992 Mustang With Trick Flow Stage 1 Cam
My just rebuilt 5.0 302 1992 Mustang Gt on a cold start. This is my first car. My dad and I just rebuilt this engine. The Exhaust is Bassani longtube headers, Mac Prochamber (Offroad), Flowmaster catback. And also there is no smog pump. I don't have a hood at the moment because it is in the paint shop.The hood is a Cervanis 2.5 cowl. Thanks for watching! Mods are: Gt-40 Heads and intake Trick flow stage 1 cam Crane 1.7 roller rockers 70mm Throttle body with matching EGR spacer Moroso Valve Covers 1/2 Intake Spacer Bassani Longtube Headers Pro 5.0 Shifter 3;73 Rearend Gear Ratio Summit Racing Spark Plug Wires Steeda Underdrive Pullies Ford Racing Lowering Springs Stedda Caster and Camber Plates C&L 76mm mass air/ Cold air kit. Mac Offroad Prochamber Flowmaster Catback I'm sure i'm forgeting many things.

gt40p with f303
1990 Mustang lx with a gt40p 306 f303 cam and cobra upper half flowmaster x-pipe Exhaust. MY Mustang IS MAKING A NOISE CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEO IF YOU THINK YOU CAN HELP

Ford GT40P Header Issues and Clearance problems. Not always bad!
Just a basic video of my experiences with GT40P heads. Not all engines are the same with header combos so take this video with a grain of salt. Those are aftermarket headers so im sure stock headers theres even more room between boot/plug and header. Will this work on equal length shorty headers? Doing a 90degree boot is easy. Just take the 45 angle boot off and bend the conductor inside and put it into a 90 degree boot!

Professional Products Typhoon to Un-ported Explorer upper, lower intake done. GT40P Mustang
Make sure to check out http://www.tooslo86.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/TooSlo86 for more details and interaction. Yes, I went backwards from a Typhoon to a stock Explorer intake. For one I wanted to see 1st hand the difference in performance. So far on a little street romping it doesn't appear that it gives up anything over the Typhoon but that will be seen in 6 days when I make it back out to the track for a bit of test and tune on May 11. Stay tuned to see if it can repeat the 11's with a stock Explorer intake to go along with it's assembly line built stock Explorer short block. Aside from the cam and valve springs, of course.