Ice Slide

Sometimes black ice can be fun.

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Radford City Police On Ice
February 2004, Radford cop is stuck in an icy alley for about 40 embarrassing minutes.

This is what happens when it snows in Seattle
These drivers/cars have entertained us for 4 hours; to quote my wife "who needs netflix when you have this." Seattle residents should just stay home when it snows; they are not prepared nor do they have the skills/equipment to cope with snowfall.

Romanian gang attempt truck robbery from bonnet of moving car
Police have released footage of a Romanian gang attempting a truck robbery whilst speeding along a motorway in the dark. . Report by Sophie Foster. Subscribe to ITN News! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our homepage: More amazing CCTV footage: Handcuffed suspect steals police car: Martial artists interrupt robbery: Most blatant theft ever? Man gunned down outside Brooklyn McDonalds: Naked robber chased by police dog: Woman steals beer under her skirt: Thief shoots himself in the foot: Armed robbery at McDonalds:

2010 USA Cars sliding and crashing down icy hill in the snow!
And the US always seem to do car/snow/ice fails much more spectacularly than the UK..... At least one lucky bugger avoided being sandwiched in this video! Enjoy!