Lancer Evo 4 RS testing

Testa evoen litt.

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Evo 4 720whp+ acceleration

Lancer evolution 4 (EVO IV) 0-100km (0-60mph)
Quick test to see how fast my bros new car was more videos of external uplaoded soon. currently limited and in kph but that will be sorted soon FYI the sticker was placed by the dealer save us doing it later when we put the delimiter and converter in.

Lancer EVO IV 0-200kmh

Mitsubishi EVO 6 top speed
A bit similar to my previous EVO X, one gear short. But, if you look at the difference in accelerating in the VI compared to the X, it is stunning how much quicker the VI is. EVO VI estimated 340Bhp whilst the EVO X had an estimated 370Bhp.