Knox Mountain Hillclimb - May 22-23, 2010

Knox Mountain Hillclimb May 22-23, 2010 is the 53rd annual Knox Mountain Hillclimb will be taking place to see who is King of the Hill.

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Junior Riding Competion - horse jumping KRC
With the sun making itself visible today, this might be the best day to take in the Kelowna Riding Club Junior Jumping Competion. Possibility of rain and thunder tomorrow.

KRC Kelowna Riding Club - April 30 2010
KRC Kelowna Riding Club - filmed April 30, 2010 Junior Riding and jumping competiton.

Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana - take a shuttle
In my experience the Gran Bahia Principe Resorts are the most spread out resorts in the Caribbean and getting around is often best done with a shuttle. The resorts resemble each other much the way McDonald's Restaurants do, but with that said the resorts are spectacular. Music:

2015 Knox Mountain Hillclimb - feature length
CanadaMotorSports 2015 Knox Mountain Hillclimb. Full length multi-camera coverage of Saturday qualifying, 53 minutes. Lots of fast cars challenging the 800' (250m) high Knox Mountain Hillclimb in Kelowna BC. For the first time ever, an electric entry, from UBC. MGB-GT with a Rover 3.5l V8, a very quick Mazda RX7 3-rotor, a beautiful classic Datsun 510, Alfa Romeo, air cooled early 70s 911 and 914, Mustangs, Civics, Miatas, Golfs, Rabbits. a great day of racing. Enjoy! Thank you to: Bryan Fulton, Marie Sherman, Anthony Rehlinger and all the Knox Mountain Hillclimb event staff. Cameras: Rick Copley Neil Scott Francois Arseneault Colin Broschak (aerial) in-car cameras: #22 - Wouter Bouman #1 - David Neveaux #14 - Bonnie Wall #17 - Bob Reimer #93 - Ryan Jones #4 - Kyle McMillian #50 - Greg Bruce #197 - Garrett Mealin ©2015 AVS inc