Knox Mountain Hillclimb - May 22-23, 2010

Knox Mountain Hillclimb May 22-23, 2010 is the 53rd annual Knox Mountain Hillclimb will be taking place to see who is King of the Hill.

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Knox Mountain Hill Climb: Supercharged Civic - Sponsored by Irnieracing AMSOIL sponsors Shane Jensen in the 2010 Knox Mountain Hill Climb. Past its 50th year, Knox Mountain is the longest annually running paved hillclimb in North America. The event attracts top drivers from throughout the Pacific Northwest, looking for the challenge and thrill of being fastest. Marcel Irnie always wanted to enter the hill climb, but due to budget and time restrains, was never able to get the program going. Running a full time Superbike effort will have to due for now. "Irnieracing is all about motorsports...when Shane Jensen called me looking for AMSOIL, I suggested he try the AMSOIL Dominator 5w-20 Racing oil. It is important to always support local racers, so I decided to sponsor Shane. When I noticed Shane already had a GoPro HD camera mounted, I got a great idea. I would produce a video documentary of his adventure up the mountain, and host it on my website. " Marcel Irnie Running a supercharged civic, Jensen put down some fast times for his first ever hill climb. The weather was mixed, making conditions hectic for any experienced racer. Enjoy!

Knox Mountain Hillclimb - Datsun 510 Ice Racer
Datsun 510 Ice Racer piloted up the 2006 Knox Mountain Hillclimb (Kelowna, BC, Canada) by Malcolm McQueen. The EFI is home made (Setpoint Engine Control)

Hill Climb Pöllauberg 2017 - PURE SOUND
PURE SOUND of Pöllauberg 2017 more from Pöllauberg will follow soon. HCF-Video Nr: 455 #NeverStopClimbing visit, like and follow us: website: webshop: facebook: instagram: twitter:

King of the Hill John Hafter sets another amazing time at Knox Mountain Hillclimb
An old video of John Haftner, the king of the hill, taking another record breaking run up the mountain.