Toyota Rav4 EV Charging Issue

Andrew, from, dropped by the shop looking for a little help. He recently purchased an electric Rav4 like the ones we have, and was having trouble getting it to charge. Luckily, Clint's the man, because Andrew left with a perfectly working electric Rav4.

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Leviton Car Charger for the Toyota RAV4 EV - Electric Car Charging Station Video - ABTL Auto Extras James Vogt from Leviton shows us how to use the Level 2 Charging Station for the Toyota RAV4 EV. Simply take the connector and plug it into the charge port on the Toyota RAV4 electric vehicle. The RAV4 and the charging station communicate a bit then the charging process begins. A blinking charge light means the Leviton system is recharging the vehicle. There are lights located on the RAV4 that tell you how much electricity is left in the vehicle. The Leviton Car Charging System can be cod connected or hardwired. The unit is safe from the elements and can be mounted both indoors and outdoors. With the Level 2 (240 volt) system, you can recharge your Toyota RAV4 EV in 5-6 hours. There are 5 simple steps to getting your Leviton Unit: 1) Fill out an online survey at 2) A certified installer will visit your house for an inspection 3) A quote is then generated within 2 days 4) If you decide to buy the system, a Leviton certified technician will gather the proper permits and install the unit That's all there is to it. With electric cars becoming more popular, the Leviton car charger system is a must have. The 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV can be completely recharged within a few hours using the Level 2 Charging Station from Leviton. See More Car Videos Join Our Facebook Page

K1 Attack, Electric Hot Rods, and Catching up to speed
The shop has been crazy busy preparing our projects for the STB car show coming up Sept. 19th. Clint stops to talk about a few things we have going on, and catch you up to speed.

2013 Toyota RAV4 EV powered by Tesla Review & Road Test
Alex L. Dykes takes a quick spin in the all-new Toyota RAV4 EV with the Tesla Model S drivetrain. We take a RAV4 out on the road, take a look at the interior and talk pricing. Music by Kevin MacLeod, Statistics powered by ChannelMeter

RAV4-EV Secrets: Plugs into solar, instant Volt
RAV4-EV can be plugged into the wall, or into a rooftop solar system, can be fast-charged, can be controlled by the owner. A fast charger could have been installed by Toyota to plug into the wail. Add a small engine-generator, and it's an instant plug-in serial hybrid with 120 miles of all-electric range, 3 times what the proposed Volt would have (if GM were serious). Proves that GM could make such a car right now, is stalling and lying. AMAZING, people see the EV and solar power, and want to do it themselves. But GM and Toyota are refusing to sell an EV, which makes it all possible. Without a plug-in car, you can't use the solar power credits to charge your car, and the money formerly spent on gas to pay off the solar system. There has ALWAYS been more demand for EVs than supply, contrary to the LIES of Toyota and GM, and exposing the perfidy of the so-called "air resources" board -- CARB.