Chevy C-5500


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Honda Accord in Brook , Mill Road , Moncton
A Honda Accord with no license plates and smashed windows in the brook on Mill Road this morning. There were tire marks that looked more like spinning from acceleration then from braking going into the brook. There were 2 tow trucks but they didn't tow it out, it was leaking fluid into the brook . They were waiting for a diver to attend because it was to dangerous for the tow truck to hook up . The car does have a Nova Scotia inspection sticker on it. 4 hours later another tow truck recovered the Honda from the Brook on Mill road. Without a diver.

Chevrolet C5500 Rollback Tow Truck
CarCo Truck Sales Tow Truck Demo


2005 Chevy 5500 Rollback
Recorded on February 9, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.