Ferrari 458 Italia, Leon Car

Test drive in Maranello. Ferrari 458 Italia

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Ferrari 458 Italia tunnel sound

Ferrari 458 challenges Turbo Supra on the highway!
SUBSCRIBE TO THAT RACING CHANNEL â–º We were out testing the new tire setup on the Supra when we encountered a Ferrari 458 Italia in the wild! As we were getting ready to do some 2nd gear brake Boost traction testing the Ferrari did an eargasmic flyby. We caught up to him and he wanted to give it a go! knowing we were faster we gave him a good head start before reeling him in. Props to the ferrari owner for actually having some fun with his supercar! Supra is powered by @precisionturbo

Ferrari Enzo acceleration 0-370 km/h
- : Le Meilleur de l'info auto et moto en Tunisie.

Shaking down the new Ferrari 458 GT3 Italia at Sebring.