2011 WRX vs 07 MS3

1st gear roll. MS3 misses second on first race, also gets 1 car WRX Nameless Performance Axle Back MS3 Stock

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2011 WRX vs 97 Mustang Saleen Round 3
Changed camera cars.

mazdaspeed 6 vs 2011 sti sedan
my speed 6: cobb intake, cobb ap, cpe tbe, forge bpv 2011 sti: bone stock.... stage 1 races will be coming soon this race happened because the owner of the STi was over confident of his brand new car and thought he would rape me. for everyone telling me "if the STi had this and that it would've won" no shit I'm aware of that.

2011 WRX vs. 2005 STi
Stock 2011 WRX, vs stage 2 tuned 2005 STi

WRX vs MS3 Roll and Top Speed Race
1st race from a 40 mph roll to 100mph. 2nd race to top speed, a vette got in the race but it was hard to tape him and myself at 145 mph. Sorry about the blur too. He was between me and the Mazda. Mods of the cars: MS3 is stage 2 with intake and Exhaust. WRX is stage 4...camera car.