2007 Chevy Colorado blower fan resistor and wiring harness replacement

Update 12/19/2014 - over three years since I made this video and still working fine. Other stores have started carrying repair parts now too including Advance Auto Parts, be sure to read the comments! Update 11/18/2013 - part number from gmpartsdirect website is pk15218254. Over two years since I posted this video, blower fan still working great! 2007 Chevy Colorado blower fan resistor and wiring harness replacement, 10.1.2011.avi With much help from coloradofans.com forum http://coloradofans.com/forums/67-technical-questions-tips-how/112853-hvac-fan-motor-resistor-connector-replacement-mmp.html If you like this video, you should check out my awesome roller derby team, www.battlefieldrollerderby.com, and like us on Facebook. ;-) (was formerly ECD)

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