AWD what?

What happens when OMGLS1 gets traction

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StarCity Racing - 91 Talon TSi vs 2000 Camaro Z28
AWD holeshot... got some top end on him though

Ashley Whoops Ass
Ashley driving a rare black GMH Holden VY SS Wagon down the strip at Perth Motorplex, Whoop Ass Wednesday, 15 May 2013.19" wheels, standard Gen III, 5.7L V8.

CrX Awd Turbo vs camry awd turbo winter drift
crx b serie's with turbo gt25 1 ride after the swap....

Fast C3 Pickup
GMC C3 AWD Denali with a built 408 on a ton of spray. Truck went a quickest of 10.98 in that configuration. 5200lbs...