Cyclone Airbag Dancer Usa Motosports

More video and Pics @ www.facebook/usamotorsports or this car jumps 7 ft high on air-bags DONT FORGET TO VOTE! Lowrider hopper dancer airride airbags

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Mexican Low rider cars fighting each other and crashing
low rider crash The Joker Vs Cyclone @ Texas Heatwave 2013

slamology 2011 Hydraulic show
it was a really fun day lots goin on but for the the people that dont like this kinda shit c'mon keep hating on the vid gives me more comments and vid views lol it

Crazy 3 Wheel in my S-10 (on air) standin still
Crazy Dog leg on Air Cylinders just for the record ive i dont do this everyday im not warpin my frame fuckin shit up i just wanted to show the extent of what my truck can do on air cylinders if u do

10 Wheelstands with absolutely BRUTAL landings. Which do you think did the most damage?