Nova vs Grand National / Dodge Avenger (killer graphics) Thornhill Racepark

Watch a Chevy Nova stomp a Grand National on the drag strip. And see a Monster Dodge Avenger like you've never seen before.........just tear up the drack!

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When you leave a car show... do this!
Stumbled across a Hotrod show... We were lucky enough to catch these beast as they pulled off and wowed the crowd! My wife was even impressed

Thornhill Dragway - Morningview, KY
Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thorn Hill Dragstrip 06-26-2010 PHOTOS ONLY
Driver Photos: Time Trials & Winner's Circle Please contact the webmaster @ for more information.

THORN HILL 06-19-2010 (Full Race) -- Watch Chuck Black's 1935 Ford in this Video
Congratulations to Aaron Combs and Rick Sester with a special hats off to Chuck Black and his 1935 amazing performance. :-)