Nova vs Grand National / Dodge Avenger (killer graphics) Thornhill Racepark

Watch a Chevy Nova stomp a Grand National on the drag strip. And see a Monster Dodge Avenger like you've never seen before.........just tear up the drack!

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When you leave a car show... do this!
Stumbled across a Hotrod show... We were lucky enough to catch these beast as they pulled off and wowed the crowd! My wife was even impressed

Gizmo Having Fun with Toys
Gizmo is making due with the things he finds around the house to have temporary toys. A ponytail tie, a coke cap and a ring. So

THORN HILL 06-19-2010 (Full Race) -- Watch Chuck Black's 1935 Ford in this Video
Congratulations to Aaron Combs and Rick Sester with a special hats off to Chuck Black and his 1935 amazing performance. :-)

Thorn Hill Dragway Track Tour - October 24, 2009
Video and photos taken on Saturday October 24, 2009 of the Thorn Hill Dragway located in Morning View, Kentucky. This is a tour of the track and the facilities, and does not include on track action.