Full throttle with Jeroen Slaghekke, without a steering wheel

During a race at Oschersleben in the Formula Renault 2.0 Northern European Cup, Jeroen Slaghekke starts to be troubled by electrical issues. Unwilling to give up, he decides to fix it in a creative way: take the steering wheel off, and put it on again at full speed. Twitter: http://twitter.com/jeroenslaghekke Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jeroen-Slaghekke/180737795296841

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Castle Combe. Steering Wheel comes off at 80mph!!
My scariest racing moment EVER by some considerable margin !!!!!!!! First practice at The Dick Mayo Sprint, June 2013.

Throttle steer: how-NOT-to VS how-to at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
Clip 1: Unintentional spin. Shows what can happen if you use too much throttle when trying to counteract push (aka under-steer). Could have been prevented by a later turn-in and less speed. Clip 2: How I should have taken that turn. Clip 3: A successful course correction using the throttle. Not intended to be educational, because it isn't. Don't try anything you see. It's extremely easy to lose control in any of these situations.

Throttle Steering in my 1986 Porsche 911
Practicing throttle steering in my '86 Porsche 911 at the PCA IDS skidpad.

1982 911 SC - Throttle Steering on the Skid Pad
1982 911 SC Onboard Skid Pad