1994 Mazda RX7 Test Drive

Part 2 of 1994 Mazda RX7 video.

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Mazda RX-7 Crash at 225 MPH!!
Bonneville Salt Flats: 3rd gen Mazda RX-7 race car trying to beat the land speed record for a production vehicle. At this speed, the tire patch that is touching the ground is LESS than the width of your index finger across each tire. Furthermore each patch is encountering dust and small sand-like particles often. If you could keep the pace with this car and remain standing next to it, you could reach over and push it away from you sideways with little effort. The announcer claims that an additional burst of oxygen in the fuel causes a loss of control, but in all likelyhood, the wind just changes ever so slightly, or began to blow (even lightly) and it was actually this that nudged the cars nose off by just enough to start a flat spin. Yes, a flat spin, like an airplane goes into! No rudder on this vehicle, so no control!

Logitech G25 Demo working with GT5 Prologue
It's a new game, people want to know how the physics have changed...I'm testing the game physics out. I'm not running time trials. Playing GT5 Prologue with the Logitech G25 wheel. Day 1 of demo. I started out playing the game first by exploring the drifting side of it. Its just something that I enjoy most so it began this way. I'm an avid fan of drifting in games and real life drifting as well. I do so with my car in real life as well. Wanted to give out that background information some before going on. Playing the game with a 900 degree driving wheel is the ideal way of experiencing GT5. I have not even tried playing with the controller yet, so my review is all based on using the Logitech G25 wheel. I've applied the same techniques here to the game that I would have in real life at the race tracks with my S2000. Granted I take more risk in the video game :) After playing this for two days now I feel very good about the physics engine. The developers have done a fantastic job improving on GT4. I can't even play GT4 the same anymore after playing this! I don't want to play GT4 after this! Serious. GT4 had good fundamentals, I'm not bashing it, just using it for comparision. I still have love for that game too, but GT5 Prologue Demo has definitely improved on the driving dynamics in regards to braking, tire grip and feel, understeer to oversteer transitions, countersteering and throttle steering control. With only having two days playing time, by playing the game with the Logitech G25 wheel with simulation mode and all driving aids off, I can immediately feel the improved physics. You're punished as you would in real life for powerovering, over correcting and countersteering mistakes. You're punished for coming into a corner too hot and not giving yourself enough braking distance. You will understeer when your front tires don't receive the proper transitions to give it grip. It takes time to get comfortable, I've been playing Gran Turismo with wheels for a long time, so give it time in the game if you think the game has it all wrong, just keep practicing. I feel the game has it right. The driving physics in the game are the best they have ever been for console games. Clutch questions answered here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g2YS5jA4m8

550HP Mazda RX-7 Spitting Flames! - 1080p HD
FB: http://www.facebook.com/Jorrie2YT & http://www.facebook.com/jorrik.aben You might have seen this powerfull Mazda RX-7 before in some of my videos. I still get messages from people who want to see more of this car, so I decided to upload this video. A few weeks ago I had a trip with some exotic cars when I got behind this 550HP RX-7. Everytime the owner lifts his foot from the gaspedal a huge flames comes out of the Exhaust. At 1:15, the RX-7 is behind a Ferrari Challenge Stradale, you can't see it very good in this video, but the RX-7 was right on the tail of the Ferrari! If you like this, I can make a better video of this car :) Thanks for watching and please leave a comment :)

400hp RX7 riding around FOR SALE!
1993 Mazda RX-7. GT40r Single turbo Conversion many other mods. This video was before full street port and has been SOLD. No longer my vehicle so comments have been disabled by piss matches and to guys who are tough behind thier computer. Sold this before tour to afghanistan as well as the GSXR 1000. Note to future FD owners, great cars but always have around 5000 sitting around for who knows what and when. They are not a cheap car to own or maintain. Thanks for Looking. SOLD SOLD SOLD