Porsche GT2 VS Turbo Honda Civic

The Porsche gives the Honda Civic 2 Cars and the break for $1,100 dollars. Enjoy!

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Nyce1s - Joe's Showtime203 HULK Turbo Honda Civic Testing @ E-Town...
Congrats to Joe of the Showtime203 crew. He just ran a personal best of 9.1 @161 mph at Englishtown during a recent test n tune session… We'll see him competing at HDAY this week April 9th & 10th at Englishtown! Checkout Nyce1s at Check us out on Instagram: @officialnyce1s Checkout CLM Motorsports: Checkout CLM Motorsports on Facebook:

Nyce1s - Nissan GT-R Overload @ NYC International Auto Show 2016
We were very impressed at Nissan's booth display during the media days at the NYC International Auto Show. Nissan brought out a collection of GTRs dating back to the original GTR from 1969. GTR enthusiasts can sit back and enjoy this video which shows the heritage of the GTR. It is a bit long but well worth it as we give a close up look of each GTR. This is not something we get to see often so we felt the need to be a bit more detailed with this video. Thanks! Thanks to our sponsors: Diamonds By Al for the best in Jewelry & Engagement Rings Sui Generis Clothing:

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Here is a complete look at CCC Racing and their 2014 race season. Congratulations to the team on a successful season. Checkout the feature video as the team shows consistent 8 second passes all year!! Checkout CCC Racing: Checkout Nyce1s @ ! Also check us out on Instgram @officialnyce1s !! Contact Nyce1s for your own custom videos. E: #nyce1s #n1s #pressplay #cccracing #hondacivic #turbocivic #sfwd #truestreet #Boost4life #turbo #honda #civiceg #bseries #precisionturbo #dragrace #dragracing

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Hi-Boost is coming to Ratchet Fridays @ Englishtown on Friday September 19th… Checkout the racers that they call out. They are looking for a run with their turbo SFWD Civic. Who will step up? Checkout the Nyce1s Online store at ... Checkout Nyce1s on Facebook at !! Check us out on instagram @officialnyce1s .... Checkout the Hi-Boost Team at