Mercedes GLK - The speed test Thomas Merker, Chief Engineer at Mercedes-Benz, talks about the new GLK: developing the chassis, high speeds, agility and extreme driving pleasure.

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Mercedes GLK Class Extreme Testing
Glowing with genuine character, the long awaited Mercedes-Benz GLK is set to take the world of compact SUVs by storm. Potential customers can be guaranteed the new compact SUV has been exposed to some of the most relentless testing and development processes. From sub-zero temperatures in Sweden to the burning heat in Africa, the new compact GLK has been put through its passes in the most demanding of climatic conditions. This extreme testing and development has allowed Mercedes-Benz engineers to rectify any potential system faults or weaknesses prior to release. Automotive Tv goes along for the ride and reveals how Mercedes-Benz engineers push the boundaries of extreme testing.

Mercedes Benz GLK 350 Intense Testing
Intense Test Drive including real fuel consumption levels, real acceleration 0-100 km/h, u-turn radius test, traction, speedometer/odometer accuracy test, general views, some interior and exterior features, etc. Watch even more here:

auto motor und sport-TV: Audi Q5 vs Mercedes GLK
auto motor und sport TV testet die kompakten Allzweck-Autos.

Autobahn Test - MB GLK 220 CDi (1080p FULL HD)
Todays Autobahn-test comes with the 2012 Mercedes-Benz GLK 220 CDI 4-Matic 7G-Tronic. Although the 2013-Facelift is coming soon this egine-transmission combination will stay pretty much the same. It feels very tourqey at speeds upto 130 km/h, but above that palpably has to cope with wind resistance. Please Like / Comment / Subsribe !