Yamaha Raider Dyno Movie, Power Commander 5, PCV Tuning

This is my first use of DynoJet's new Power Commander 5. The PCV is an evolution of the line with a LOT of added features and super fast connections to the tuning computer. This new PCV is a major improvement over the outgoing PCIIIusb. See this link for details: http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2132159&postcount=2813 . The Raider went from an as delivered 109 ft/lbs of torque to over 119 ft/lbs of torque.

More Videos...

Raider Dyno After Patrick Racing Big Air Kit installation
2009 Yamaha Raider with Cobra Swept Exhaust, Powercommander III, Patrick Racing Big Air Kit. Dyno'd on 8/28/2009 at WideOpen Motor Sports in St. George Utah.

Flemington Yamaha SCL Raider Project -Power Commander and Auto Tune Installed
Our SCLProject takes the next big step and we get the Dynojet Research Power Commander V and Auto tune installed. We Dyno the bike to document the performance improvement.

Power Commander 5 Install: 2009-2013 Yamaha V Star 950
In this video we install a PCV on a 2009 Yamaha V-Star 950. This install is the same for 2009-2013 models.

Texas Mile Supercharged Nitrous Aprilia Practice Runs
This series of videos was shot during our Nitrous dial in on Saturday, some runs are with the bottle and some runs are without the bottle due to learning the little trials and tribulations of a new Nitrous system. Mainly I added all these together for audio and visual enjoyment of the Team Punisher/AF1 Racing Aprilia V990 LSR in action. This is one fine sounding bike so turn up the volume! Sorry for the shaky video, I was too busy actually working on the bike to bother with tripods and monopods and such! The engine in this beast is the masterpiece. 100mm custom forged CP pistons are being flung up and down by Carrillo custom Steel rods, propelled by a Falicon supercrank all spinning in fresh and correctly sized new OEM plain bearings. The valve springs are beefed up but stock valves slide back and forth resting on Beryllium Copper valve seat, their push comes from custom web grinds on the intake side with a little less durations than stock and longer duration high lift intake cams on the Exhaust side. Spent gases are exhaled through a one-off Smalt-Moto Exhaust system, when in LSR configuration through two dump pipes with no muffling. The intake side is handled by a Rotrex C15-60 trim Supercharger blowing into a modified spoon valley plenum which carries the injectors for the Labonte Water/Methanol intercooling system. VP MS109 gasoline is fired out from 750cc injectors after being pushed through the a/n delivery system by a Walbro 255 pump and all of this magic is controlled by an "Unleashed" Megasquirt based O.S. sending it's directions and getting it's inputs from a hybrid Suzuki GSXR wiring/Aprilia RSVR wiring harness....and so much more....3.5 years in the making, 192.8 is our current top speed!