1986 Kawasaki ZL 600 Eliminator

This is my 1986 Kawasaki Zl 600, just before putting it in storage for the winter.

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Josh riding his '86 Kawasaki ZL600.
Considering that Josh had never ridden a bike before he did just fine, even on the gravel, although this bike has so much torque and horsepower that it's easy to make it go snake shit. He bought this bike sight unseen and he's very happy with it, even though it needs a bit of cosmetic refreshing. Great running bike tho.

1986 Kawasaki ZL 600 Eliminator

1986 Kawasaki LZ1000 Eliminator. Only 2000 ever made. Wow !!!
Rare as hens teeth. You've more chance of Elvis crashing his spaceship into the Loch Ness Monster than finding one of these. Only 32k miles in 24 years !!!! Look at that fat back tryes and stumpy pipes.