Suzuki sidekick 2wd hill climb

My friends sidekick, broke transfer case earlier in the day but played in 2wd up this hill

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Suzuki sidekick sugar bowl hill climb
my kick climbing a hill in the "sugar bowl"

Suzuki Sidekick on sandy hill
My kick on a sandy hill

Suzuki SideFlip Burnout
This was a Suzuki Sidekick at one time. It is now a um I'm not sure what to call it. But anyways this a it doing a burnout. It is only firing on three cylinders and the MAF censor does not work so it does not like to rev. This was also made by a group of 17 year old kids at school in about 2 months. P.S. the large bar is the clutch the cable was lost in the tare down so we flipped the fork on the trans and stuck the bar on it, so shifting gears is quite hard to do.

Eagle Rock with my Suzuki Sidekick, broke my rear 3rd link at the end.
Broke my rear 3rd link at the end, notice the rear wheel sticking out and rubbing the body... Will be building the new link MUCH stronger. 1992 Suzuki Sidekick 3" Calmini lift - 2" BL 4.24:1 Transfercase Lockright rear locker