My beautiful 164

Just a tribute to my 1994 Alfa Romeo 164. 3L, V6, 24V, Manual Transmission.

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Alfa Romeo 164 V6 turbo, provata su strada da Giancarlo Baghetti

Alfa 164 Q4
Introducing my ALFA 164 Q4

3.0 Litre 24v Conversion Alfa Romeo Milano Verde 2nd Start-Up!
This is my little street / track V6 Milano / 75 that I was running for about 3-4 years (while completing the 3.7 full-race build)! It also runs a full RSRacing suspension from Ron Simons, but the street/track Group 2 / GiroDisc brakes front and rear and a built 4.11:1 transaxle with lightened gears, race clutch and 4-disc LSD. The car was decommissioned 18 months ago to pull the stock 3.0 12 valve after a little fender-bender (and to prep the engine-bay, drop in the 24 valve and to get the body ready for paint)! The motor is a stock 10.0:1 compression 164 LS (Super) 24 valve 3.0 litre with 44mm Q / GTA intake runners, Glenwood Motors "GTA Stage II" intake cams, a custom plenum, custom headers and GoTech Pro-X fully-programmable stand-alone engine management system and harness! The Exhaust still needs to be sorted before going to the Dyno, but from similar past projects we already know that we're looking at about 270 horses at the crank and about 220 of that making it to the wheels!

Alfa Romeo 164 pininfarina São Luís (MA)
Dei um grau na tarde de domingo dia 8/12/13 e filmei para galera apreciar a maquina italiana. Minha amada esposa deu uma barrufadinha para os amantes dos seis cilindros escutar essa sinfonia. Fiquem com Deus.