My beautiful 164

Just a tribute to my 1994 Alfa Romeo 164. 3L, V6, 24V, Manual Transmission.

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My new Alfa 164
The new Alfa has finally arrived! $800 plus $179 for a tow that I didn't actually need. I bought it with a clutch that wouldn't disengage, turned out it really just needed a good bleeding! It will need a clutch in the near future, but now after six months, I'm just happy to be able to drive it!

Alfa 164 Q4
Introducing my ALFA 164 Q4

Fifth Gear AR 164 test
Dead-corner test, truck and AR164.

Project Alfa 164 3.2 GTA spec rebuild
Alfa Romeo 164 V6 24V GTA engine rebuild. Also very special thanks to Hendrik Koerts who had the water-pipe to waterpump connector in good shape!