Nissan 350Z from Tokyo Drift in NFS:U2 (better version)

Ok,so I made better version of Nissan 350Z from Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift. This video will show you how to customize this car,so it will look like that,and as bonus,I show you,how to tune it in Dyno to do very effective long drifts,like in the movie(You don't have to use handbrake to drift ^^) So Enjoy watching this and good luck with your drifting! If You have any ideas about changing the look/settings of the car,leave a comment or send me a private message. Thanks.

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NFSU2 - How To Make The Tokyo Drift 350z
How to make DK's 2003 Nissan 350z from The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift in Need For Speed Underground 2 VVVVV---OPEN FOR LIST OF STUFF YOU NEED---VVVVV BODY Front Bumper - Crank Rear Bumper - Renegade Sideskirts - Overdrive Spoiler - Creeper Hood - Stock Roof Scoop - Stock Headlights - Stock Taillights - Stock Mirrors - Stock Muffler Tip - Thunderbolt Rims – 5Zigen Hyper 5ZR 19" ---------------------------------------------- PERFORMANCE - Maxed --------------------------------------------- PAINT/VINYLS Base Paint – Gloss Grey (1st row, 6th column) Spoiler – Gloss Black (1st row, 7th column) Rims – Black (1st row, 2nd column) Brakes - Red Engine Accents - Grey (1st row, 1st column) Muffler Tip – Don’t Paint Vinyls - Unique, Octo (Modded) ( Decals - None ------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERIORS/CAR SPECIALTIES Guage – Your Choice Underglow Neon - None Engine Neon - None Trunk Neon – Your Choice Window Tint - None Lights - Xenon 4000k or 8000k Nitrous Purge - None Hydraulics - None Trunk Audio - Your Choice Spinners - None Split Hoods - None Doors – Stock Recorded with Fraps v3.5.9 - Download -

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