2010 Dodge ram 4.7 straight pipe

Wanted a loud Exhaust and I did not find a muffler that gave me the same raw rumble and clapping souls of straight pipe

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2010 dodge ram 4.7l no muffler
this is my 2010 dodge ram 4.7l. i took the muffler off just to see what it sounds like.

4.7 Dodge Ram straight piped
Just got it done. Lmk what ya think.

2010 Ram 1500 4.7 Muffler Delete
My 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 with a muffler delete / straight pipe. Cost about $100. Sounds great! #dodge #ram #straightpipe #v8 #loud #Exhaust

06 dodge ram no cats no muffler cold start WARNING: LOUD
Yea its splatty, but I was young and wanted to see how it sounded for a few days with nothing holding back the noise. It now has the cats back on and dual glasspacks, 3.5 in. tips