2010 Dodge ram 4.7 straight pipe

Wanted a loud Exhaust and I did not find a muffler that gave me the same raw rumble and clapping souls of straight pipe

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Dodge Ram 4.7 Superchips Programmer
2005 Dodge Ram 4.7L V8 2wd Quad Cab. - Superchips Cortex Programmer - Cherry Bomb Glass Pack Single Exhaust (Blasted Out) - 4 inch leveling kit - 30" Tires

4.7 Dodge Ram straight piped
Just got it done. Lmk what ya think.

2003 Dodge ram 4.7 straight pipe w/ cats no muffler
via YouTube Capture

08 Ram 4.7 4in straight pipe burnout
2008 ram 1500 4.7 v8 6-speed Manuel Tore up my yard a lil to let y'all hear it Like and subscribe Comment and let me know what u think