scott crash 11-26-11


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BG 2009 Crash Vid
Was taken on Friday the 15th, it rained this morning and the track crew has just prepped the track. This was the third car to make a pass on Friday. Galina, then Fiscus, then Odell ran. It didn't appear to me that he had a chance, but I am very glad he didn't get hurt seriously.

Grand National passes Corvette as it wrecks
John N. testing his tricked out Stage 2 Grand National at Thunder Valley Raceway park. His opponent in a Corvette stays in it too long and narrowly misses hitting the GN as it passes by! The GN's build up had recently been completed and this was intended to be a soft pass with only 20# of Boost. The camera person was there to film the car's reaction to the launch for tuning purposes. They were so focused on the GN that they did not notice what was happening to the Corvette until it was over.

Drag Race Crash - 1000 HP Turbo Buick T Type / GN - 1/4 Drag Race - Hits Wall - Road Test TV A 1000 plus horsepower turbocharged Buick Regal Grand National / T Type crashes during a 1/4 mile pass. Luckily everyone was ok.

Turkey Burn presents the 2009 uni-trans turkey burn