MI lancer O Z Rally EdItion 2002

Chequeen mi Lancer O. Z. Rally 2002, Aros Negros 17, Pintura perlada Blanco y Negro. Gracias por sus comentarios.

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2002 Mitsubishi Lancer O.Z. Rally Edition Walkaround
Cool sporty little car but why the hell would anyone want it with an automatic!?

Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Rally Edition 2002 - El Salvador.wmv
Acá muestro los avances que ha tenido mi OZ Rally y que aun me falta mucho por progreso. Entre los proyectos futuros están las Lamboghini Style Doors y un kit de turbo! Por el momento me estoy ocupando de la estética general y mejorar el audio. Saludes.

Used 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer Fremont CA 94538
http://www.fremontmotorcars.com Fremont Motor Cars 5701 Cushing Parkway Fremont, CA 94538 800-897-7573 Year: 2002 Make: Mitsubishi Model: Lancer Engine: 2.0L I-4cyl Trans.: Automatic Exterior: White Miles: 93,507

2002 O-Z Rally Tour/Exhaust
Exhaust sounds raspy because the camera was right there w/o a sock over it, not to mention it was a cheap camera. It actually sounds pretty crisp, i'll get a new video soon. * This is my 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer O-Z Rally Ask for any questions! Here's a link to Mitsu foums if you have any questions about my mods: http://www.mitsubishi-forums.com/index.php?&autocom=registry&cmd=view_item& CID=933 Main upgrades include: -K&N cold air -RRM Ported TB -Kamikaze Header -Hi-flow Cat (2.25'') -N1 Catback (2.5'') -RRM Piggyback ECU -Tinted lights and windows