UPDATE 1 Supertrike by Scott Johnson. 3 Wheel Reverse Trike. Custom trike by SJD UPDATE 1

This is an update to the last video we posted a while back...

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TerraCraft reverse trike Introduction
From Aerospace Roots a revolutionary reverse trike design is now available. www.Terracraftmotors.com.

reverse trike
part 3 and more details coming soon, I would like to show you tubers see the trike in action and tell me what you think! I hit 90 m.p.h so far but, I chickened out!

First Start - Reverse Trike / 3 Wheeled Car
The first start of my reverse trike. More info on the build can be found at http://www.locostusa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=3198.

Two Stroke Reverse Trike Update Video 10-27-2013
Project update video of the Two Stroke Reverse Trike.