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Reverse trike kit by Tri Pod Cars. No Hayabusa power required.
My reverse trike kit prototype seeing action again. This is one of the many rough old roads in the Sunshine Coast hinterland that I use to attempt to get bits to fall off the Tri Pod 1 trike. They maybe rough but they are huge fun! Further info on the trike at

Tim Cotterill " The Frogman", Rocket 2 Trike. Size Does Matter
Was driving on the PCH in Malibu, when I saw Tim on this beast getting ready for a cruise... He designed the whole thing. It's an all aluminum, hand built body. Suspension is all original designed out of steel. 1200hp, supercharged (obv). The front wheel is a custom machined 1 piece 2 tire wheel. Watch the skidmarks @ 1:22.....

TerraCraft reverse trike Introduction
From Aerospace Roots a revolutionary reverse trike design is now available.

SJD Reverse Trike - 05.10.2011 - Super Trike.mp4
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