UPDATE 1 Supertrike by Scott Johnson. 3 Wheel Reverse Trike. Custom trike by SJD UPDATE 1

This is an update to the last video we posted a while back...

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Raj 1 Learning Trike Landings Part 1
Paul Hamilton brings one of his students through startup, taxi, takeoff, airport pattern and first landing. Paul is in the back seat and utilizes the "Low Approach" ...

Motorized Drift Trike DIY \ Дрифт трайк с двигателем Часть 1.

smarTrike explorer 5 trikes in 1 assembly video. smarTrike - Happy Growing Up.
Smart-Trike™ is the world leader in the tricycle field and provides smart innovative solutions to all cycling stages : babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Ultralight Trike Fails 1
Trike crashes compilation 1.