Peugeot 205 startup after field racing it last week.

The Red 205 stil runs! The only thing that the Exhaust is hanging loose, but were gonna fix that for sure! De rode 205 draait nog steeds! Het enige is dat de uitlaat los hangt, maar dat maken we wel terug!

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Yvonne destroys a Peugeot 205
The gearbox of Niels' Peugeot 205 broke down.. Time for Yvonne to finish it! De versnellingsbak van Niels zijn Peugeot 205 is kapot... Tijd voor Yvonne om het af te werken!

Cold-starting my Peugeot 205 in -10 °C
I wanted to see if my Peugeot 205 (with the 1,4L SPI engine) would start after sitting since autumn. It kind of did. This car has always required a lot of electrical juice to get started, the battery that I took out of it last winter because it didn't manage to turn it over, is sitting in the Volvo 740 in the video, and starts its 2,3L(!) engine easily.

Peugeot 205 jump BIG AIR
Our guest driver jumps his former road car. Onze gastrijder springt met zijn voormalige auto.

Pezo 205 Electric Conversion test drive
Kratka voznja kako bih bolje opisao osecaj u elektricnom automobilu...