FAST LSXr Install and dyno test on vette C6 Z06 PowerTV installs and Dyno tests the latest FAST LSXR 102 mm Intake Manifold on a 2008 Corvette C6 Z06. Facebook: Twitter:

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FAST LSXR Intake Manifold Install on 2013 Camaro - Summit Racing
With the new cylinder heads on our project 2013 Camaro, we wanted to take advantage of the increased air flow and installed a new FAST LSXR Intake Manifold for the LS3. We gathered up some injector spacers and stripped the old manifold of all the hardware and went to work on a quick afternoon project.

LS3 Cam Upgrade

House of Boost 1300hp C6 Z06 Corvette Teaser
A teaser video of a House of Boost built C6 Z06 that makes over 1300hp. It features House of Boosts LSR Cog Drive, ProCharger F2, House of Boost/Aeromotive Fuel System, and an RPM Transmission built 4L80E. This car made 1103rwhp shutting down early all while keeping air conditioning, navigation, heated seats, power steering, etc. All factory pieces are kept intact. - FAST Intake and Throttle Body Install on FSC Magazine LS1der FBody Camaro
We Dyno test Fastest Street Car Magazines LS1der as it gets a new Intake Manifold and 92mm throttle body from FAST.