FAST LSXr Install and dyno test on vette C6 Z06 PowerTV installs and Dyno tests the latest FAST LSXR 102 mm Intake Manifold on a 2008 Corvette C6 Z06. Facebook: Twitter:

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COMP CAMS LSR Camshaft Install Upgrade This C6 Z06 gets an LSR Cam, Comp Cams latest line of hydraulic roller cams that adds some trick lobe technology optimized for the GM LS engine. Facebook: Twitter:

ZEX™ Nitrous Fans Never Stop Dreaming Of Speed Fans of ZEX™ Nitrous never stop thinking about speed. As this commercial shows, even when they're in class real Nitrous fans dreaming about going faster and beating the competition. Facebook: Twitter:

Product Spotlight: RHS Pro Elite LS7 Cylinder Heads
In our newest product spotlight video, host Lauren Rosado showcases the new Pro Elite series, CNC-ported aluminum cylinder heads for the LS7 from RHS. Designed for stock or aftermarket LS7 intake manifolds and valve train setups, anyone can benefit from using these new cylinder heads.

FAST Debuts LSXR Intake Runner Sets At The 2014 PRI Show
FAST (Fuel Air Spark Technology) released new interchangeable runner sets for LSXR 102mm L92/LS3 Intakes at the 2014 PRI Show. Now you can choose from Standard, High HP and Race runners allowing you to buy a single intake that can be adapted to your level of engine modifications. This is yet another reason the FAST LSXR Intake is the only choice for your GM L92/LS3 engine. #Gofaster Subscribe To Our YouTube Channels: COMP Cams FAST TCI Automotive RHS Quarter Master ZEX Inglese Induction CPGNationLive Check Out Our Websites: COMP Cams FAST TCI Automotive RHS Quarter Master ZEX Inglese Induction CPGNation