Vanagon SVX conversion - first start

Fully rebuilt Subaru 3.3L engine converted for my 1985 VW Vanagon Westy. I used Rocky Mountain Westy conversion parts: I have not yet installed the tail pipe, which is why it sounds so ragged.

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Vanagon SVX conversion - second start
First start I had an oil leak from my rear main seal because I installed it wrong. Here is the second start with NO OIL LEAKS!!! whew!

1990 Westfalia Weekender 2wd Subaru SVX - exterior
New paint, big bumpers and big brakes, new canvas and more check out for more

Vanagon SVX Old Start Cold Start, and some pulls. Moving the Vanagon from one place to another along with it's warehouse of engine parts. Along the way, I stopped along a closed stretch of road and opened the taps. It's a lot slower with an extra 1,000 pounds in the back. But it still shits and gets. I don't think many people can say they've seen a VW Bus go 100MPH but this is one that will do it no problem.

Vanagon Subaru Conversion
Vanagon Subaru Conversion 2.5