96 procharged cobra vs. 03 cobra

http://www.flowgoode.com 96 procharged cobra starts in 2nd gear races an 03 cobra that starts in 1st gear...enjoy. Race took place in mexico! :)

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03 Whippled Cobra vs 98 procharged Cobra
Another win for 03Cobrra

Procharged 97 Cobra vs Cam 02 Z28, Lightnings, SRT8 & more
97 Cobra w/ Procharger P600B vs 02 Z28 w/ Vindicator II Cam Pullied 00 Lightning vs 300C SRT8 vs Vortech 99 GT Pullied 00 Lightning vs Vortech 99 GT Pullied 00 L vs Pullied 01 L vs 300C SRT8

03' Cobra vs 98' Procharged Cobra
03 Cobra: 2.76 upper pulley,stage 6 port, intake, Exhaust,tune,14pi 98 Cobra: procharged ,e85,meth,built motor,6 speed,solid rear,slicks,22psi Chase car: bolt-on Evo 9 03' cobra won by half a car

Procharged Mustang Cobra rippin' with 550hp!!! VERY LOUD!!!
This is Eddie's Unhealthy 98' Mustang Cobra with a Procharger making roughly 550hp!!! He also has an 06' Trailblazer SS. More vids to come this fall!! Enjoy!!