96 procharged cobra vs. 03 cobra

http://www.flowgoode.com 96 procharged cobra starts in 2nd gear races an 03 cobra that starts in 1st gear...enjoy. Race took place in mexico! :)

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03 Whippled Cobra vs 98 procharged Cobra
Another win for 03Cobrra

03' Cobra vs 98' Procharged Cobra
03 Cobra: 2.76 upper pulley,stage 6 port, intake, Exhaust,tune,14pi 98 Cobra: procharged ,e85,meth,built motor,6 speed,solid rear,slicks,22psi Chase car: bolt-on Evo 9 03' cobra won by half a car

Supercharge Your Vehicle With ProCharger
Stacey shows off the ProCharger Supercharger for Ram trucks. An easy way to get an extra 130 HP while still running pump gas!

Flowgoode's Procharged 96 Cobra on the Dyno
http://www.flowgoode.com -P1SC Procharger @ 13psi -AFM Powerpipe -JLP Built 9:1 Shortblock (stock heads/cams/headers) -60# injectors/255intank pump/KB BAP/MAFia -Vortech Mondo BOV -Treadstone FMIC