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96 procharged cobra vs. 03 cobra

http://www.flowgoode.com 96 procharged cobra starts in 2nd gear races an 03 cobra that starts in 1st gear...enjoy. Race took place in mexico! :)


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03 Whippled Cobra vs 98 procharged Cobra
Another win for 03Cobrra

Procharged 97 cobra cruise
Cruisin around one day and decided to bring the camera along. built 04 cobra motor with procharger. full Exhaust all boltons. Nitto 315 drag radials

Procharged 1997 Cobra vs Vortech & Cammed 2002 Mustang GT
97 Cobra w/ Procharger P600B vs 02 Mustang GT w/ Vortech S Trim & Crower Cams Race cut short because Cobra goes into second instead of fourth! EEEEEEEEK

Procharged Cobra
Cobra wiht a procharger making around 480 to the wheels

Procharged 96 Mustang Cobra at the track MIR
http://www.flowgoode.com Compilation of videos of me racing at the track - MIR. 1996 Mustang cobra: P1SC procharger, custom front mount Intercooler, vortech mondo blow off valve, 42lb injectors, STOCK MOTOR!

1996 Cobra - longtubes, offroad x pipe, Flowmasters
A short video of the Exhaust on my 1996 Mustang Cobra after I got finished installed Flowtech longtube headers. The remainder of the Exhaust includes a custom fit Bassani offroad X-pipe, and a Flowmaster catback. ------------------------------------------------- Over time there has been some visitors commenting about the smoky Exhaust claiming worn rings and whatnot. I went through the engine about 2 years ago and the rings were fine, likely cause was probably more worn valve seals. Regardless, it's fixed now. I went a bit wild with it and installed a built engine (forged bottom end, ported heads, shortrunner intake, etc.), built T56 transmission, 31-spline rear-end, custom fuel system, 76mm turbocharger, complete Maximum Motorsports front suspension, etc.. etc..

f1 procharged cobra
30 to 120 hit spinning through 2nd

'99 Cobra-Procharged 11 psi vs. '03 Cobra-Whipple 17 psi
Someone needs to make more power...

03' Cobra vs 98' Procharged Cobra
03 Cobra: 2.76 upper pulley,stage 6 port, intake, Exhaust,tune,14pi 98 Cobra: procharged ,e85,meth,built motor,6 speed,solid rear,slicks,22psi Chase car: bolt-on Evo 9 03' cobra won by half a car

2003 vortech corvette z06
http://www.flowgoode.com 2003 Corvette z06 with an aftercooled vortech v1-sc Supercharger on it. Full Exhaust with long tubes!

procharged cobra running open bypass
quick video of the bypass on my procharged cobra venting to the atmosphere.

98 Procharged Cobra VS 02 Camaro SS Vortech S/C VS 08 Corvette Vortech S/C
98' Cobra -Procharger 16psi -built motor -Methanol -T56 -BFG Drag radials vs 2002 Camaro SS -Vortech non-intercooled 8psi -Methanol -Stock Exhaust with cutout -Stock clutch -Stock tires VS 2008 Corvette -416ci stroker LS3 -Vortech intercooled 15psi -Full Exhaust -Nitto NT05

StrictlyPro.com - Anthony's 1998 Cobra - Twin Turbo Dyno Run
Twin turbo Cobra making a Dyno pull at Strictly Performance in Houston, Texas.

sn95 Mustang- 1994 Mustang GT 347/ProCharger D1
(This is not my car!) SN95 Ford Mustang GT 347 Supercharged 1994 Mustang GT 347/ProCharger D1 (This is not my car!)

97 Cobra Supercharged
Walk around and drive by

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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