my junk saturn will not stop running

my junk saturn will not stop running.sweet burnout

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Saturn Engineering: How to start a Saturn with any key
Saturn Engineering: How to start a Saturn with any key My friend starting his car with many different keys. We used a honda civic key, a nissan sentra key, a regular house key, and even a chunk of metal. The ignition of the car had some issues and it pretty much would turn by itself without any key. I believe this issue is very common in old saturn cars.

The Flying Saturn
Jumping a saturn car

Saturn vs Mustang
The car ran a 14.21 earlier but did not get video of it

1994 2002: "A Different Kind of Company, A Different Kind of Car."Saturn Incorporated: 1983 NAIC: 336110 Automobile and Light Duty Motor Vehicle Manufacturing U.S. automaker Saturn Corporation grew out of a project that General Motors Corporation (GM) began in 1982. The aim of the project was to explore the potential for building a small car of superior quality and value as efficiently as possible, combining the most advanced technology with the newest approaches to management. Saturn realized its goal by producing a car ranked only behind the Lexus and the Infiniti (imported luxury cars produced by Toyota and Nissan) in the 1992 J. D. Power & Associates customer satisfaction survey. Saturn was regarded as more than simply a successful product, however; the company was seen as nothing less than the embodiment of GM's vision of modern corporate ideals. Saturn was the product of an extraordinary effort within GM to create a company from scratch without any preconceived notions and combining the most advanced techniques and ideas in all areas. From community and employee involvement in decision-making, to environmentally responsible plant design, to dealers trained to avoid the high-pressure sales techniques typical of traditional car salesmen, Saturn sought to embody a 1990s model of corporate enlightenment. Recognized for its innovations in product design and production methodologies, the company received a great deal of positive publicity. Advertising slogans * 1985 o "What Kind Of Car Is That? It's A Saturn!" * 1989 1994: o "A Different Kind of Car Company" (US) o "We've reinvented the automobile." (Canada) * 1994 2002: "A Different Kind of Company, A Different Kind of Car." * 2002 2004: "It's Different in a Saturn" * 2004 2006: "People First" * 2006 2007: "Like Always. Like Never Before." * 2007 present: o Formerly "Rethink American.", later "Rethink.", then "We're Still Here." (US) o "Like Always. Like Never Before.", later "Rethink." (Canada) o "Passion for the Road." (Spanish-speaking US slogan)