New KTM Duke 200 + Powerparts + Full Racing Graphics 2012 and my friend's Trottoyamaha

A short slide of new KTM Duke 200, equiped with some powerparts and full racing graphics kit, and my friend's Yamaha r125! Best greetings to all the bikers ;)

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KTM 125 DUKE - Powerpart - Kit Déco "RACE"
Challenge 6


Five hidden features of the KTM Duke and RC that you probably didn't know|INDIA
In this video i explain you five hidden features of the KTM Duke or an RC . These features were discovered by me in my course of ownership. The features are 1. Crash safety- ECU kills the engine when it detects a crash and you can only restart after turning the ignition key off and on 2.OBD(On Board Diagnostics)- There is an OBD-2 port under the rear pillion with which you can use your android phone and an ELM327 Adapter to read various ECU data you can buy the adapter here ( 3.Headlamps turn on automatically when you push the bike to about 5kmph even when the engine is off. 4.Rear mudguard mount is designed in such a way that it is easy to rotate it out of the way when you are removing the rear wheel. Paddock stand DIY video 5. Handguards are present on the duke to prevent the barks from hitting you when you go offroading. Handguard install video

Top 15 Customized/Modified KTM Duke 125/200/390
Top 15 Customized KTM Duke 125/200/390 KTM Super Duke Body Kit For Duke 125/200/390 Coming Soon from "Autologue Design"