'95 Honda Prelude Vtec

The awesomeness that is a prelude. =) intake and full Exhaust. otherwise stock. why mess with a good thing? no need to add "rice" cause its already awesome.

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95 Honda Prelude VTEC Walk Around
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Prelude 2.2 VTEC

Pablo's 95 Prelude Si
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Honda Prelude 2.2VTEC - NA (dyno)
Engine OEM H22A2 (136kw) = EDM, manifold Skunk2, Throttle Body - Skunk2 68mm, Private Label TriY Header, ACT flywheel, unorthodox pulley, Kaizen Speed balancer shaft kit eliminator, Invidia Catback. Wheel TenzoR 18´ transmission U2Q7 LSD.