998 Stage 1 + HIF38 Mini @ Power Engineering Rolling Road

My 998 Stage 1 Classic Mini at Power Engineering Rolling Road in Uxbridge. 998cc Stage 1 + HIF38 Carb: 67 BHP @ Flywheel 35-6 BHP @ Wheels 85 LBS/FT Torque

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mini 1098 fast road engine with straight cut drops rolling road tune
a video of my 1979 mini 1100 special on Hi-Tech's rolling road in cradley heath, the car has a fast road 1098 engine with straight cut drop gears.

Stage 1 998 Mini onboard test.
Just thought I would test how my Samsung galaxy S2 recorded as an onboard camera, it preformed quite well if I am honest. Lovely grind into 2nd at 1:25 1978 Leyland 1000 HS4 with K&N cone filter with mini spares inlet manifold Maniflow Exhaust manifold with Full RC40 stainless Exhaust system Uprated cam. Still in road tuning stages but getting faster slowly.

mini 998 with 296SP camshaft
Just a quick video of my 998 mini, spec is as follows: 998 flat top pistons, Kent 296SP camshaft, TITAN 1.5 Roller tip rockers 12g295 cylinder head ported and polished combustion chambers, HIF44 carb, Ultralight flywheel and backplate, AP Metallic paddle clutch Vernier duplex timing chain 3.44 final drive ratio.

998cc Fast Road Mini Start Up
newly built engine, 998cc twin hs2's janspeed manifold, itg filter, janspeed stage 3 head, swiftune sw10 cam, swiftune duplex, maniflow lcb and single box, ightend followers, wedged and x drilled crank, ultralight flywheel and backplate, ap bonded plate, dynamically balenced, SC/CR box 3.6fd etc..... i was listening to the radio btw lol!