MA GOLF 3 VR6 2.8L OBD1 174CH


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Golf Mk3 vr6 2.8 obd2 top speed
vitesse max en golf 3 vr6 2.8. moteur d'origine à 200000km. reprise 140km/h à 240km/h 45 secondes.

VW Golf MK3 16V 'GTI Edition' | Gurki | VWHome
It's all about the deep coilovers and to ride static and ultalow. Gurkis Golf 3 GTI is the perfect example of what happens when you take it to the max. But don't take it too serious, Gurki has fun with his MK3 like it is. We met him in the Netherlands at the beach in Noordwijk, an ultimative place to spend your free time. Enjoy the beautiful sunset together with this GTI Edition. BBS Rennsport Gold, oem blue paint, sunset and sand near the sea. Definately the Good Times in life. ►YOUTUBE: ►FACEBOOK ►INSTAGRAM SONG: Tish Vair - Ceiling Taste [Help support this artist, please buy their music!] Location: NL, Noordwijk aan Zee Car: VW Golf MK3 16V 'GTI Edition', Gurki

VW Golf 3 VR6 2.9 Syncro acceleration 0-190 km/h
Start with 5000r/pm 1-2-3-4 gear winter. camera iphone 4g

VW Golf 3 VR6 vs VW Golf 4 R32 - 0-200 Km/h Acceleration Autobahn compare
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