Blowby High 1000 + HP Diesel 10 second 1/4 mile Drag Race

Pueblo Diesel drag race with high hp Nitrous run on All Terrain Tires, Diesel F250 Ford Blowby Mike Ontiveros 1000 + hp

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Ford mustang Diesel with 3 turbos!!
This video was taken in Moulton, Alabama Dirty Lenz Photography.

7.3L Getting it done 1069 HP

Blowby Emissions Testing 1000 hp Diesel F250
Wide Open Performance motor with Swamps 400/400 injectors and Gearhead's Cam put on the Dyno for emissions. 1000 hp and no smoke snap test. 2% at 60mph, 1% at 50mph and 0% at 40mph.

7 Polar Bears Just DIED! 10 Second Diesel Drag Race
KING KONG - 10 second diesel truck drag race - Maryland Performance Diesel 1/4 mile Maryland Performance Diesel making a fast pass at MIR World Cup Finals - Import vs Domestic 2012. 10.55! Truck was really moving, check out those slicks! 11/4/12 Maryland International Raceway Budd's Creek, MD