M.Eriksson Pontiac Sweden 07

teampontiacracing.se shra sundsvall Dragracing Sweden TSDS Champion 2007

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7.98 - 280km/h - 3218lbs - Street10.5 - REAL PONTIAC!
Pontiac engine whit 3218lbs Firebird-73 from Sweden. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Firebird2433

PONTIAC - stock Pontiac Super Duty 421v8/405hp vs stock Chevy 409v8/409hp on DYNO
WATCH THE VID TO SEE HOW CLOSE THEY Dyno TO THEIR FACTORY 405hp/409hp ratings. Growing up.....Pontiac/Oldsmobile old timers/EXPERTS who taught me most of what I know, often told me Chevy rated their horsepower in a more optimistic way than say Oldsmobile or Pontiac. I've even heard Pontiac rated/tested their engines in a 100 degree room, compared to Chevy in a 60 degree room. These Dyno results seem to reflect that some of what I heard was true. Both of these engines are great, but the results do seem to show that Pontiac was not rating their horsepower worrying if it would cause "songs to be written" about their engines .... like the great song "She's real fine my 409"--(Chevy).

supercharger test
first test since blower fitted 400+

impala 65
Impala 65. 1100hk/1350nm. testkörning