Tuff Truck 2011

The Cartel Crew headed down to Milbrodale, NSW for the Tuff Truck Challange 2011. Put on by the team from Tuff Events & Promotions, Tuff Truck 2011 promised to be a huge year! A huge year of competitors, spectators and insane driving to match... Sit back and enjoy the visual delights caught on film by Dean "Giggles" English!

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Tuff Truck 2014
Dont forget to watch this in full HD and turn the sound up. Tuff Truck 2014 sees some of Australia's toughest and most challenging courses for both vehicle and driver.

Tuff Truck Challenge 2015 - 'Team Jekyll & Hyde' on Mudrats Revenge
Watch Shaun Clancy & Adam Tyson using some “lateral thinking” to make it around the Buds Customs Mudrats Revenge in their lightly modified Toyota Hilux. Get a copy of the Tuff Truck Magazine: http://tufftruck.com.au/store/collection/2015-products/tuff-truck-magazine- 2015.html

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JMW Engineering Tuff truck 2016 rocky horror
Great combination of truck by James , with big Al driving & John navigating. Placing 6th In there first year of this line up, this team will be a real threat next year.