kx 85 at slades park practicing drag racing

me practicing drag racing at slades park surry county SUBSCRIBE

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DRAG RACING 2 stroke kawasaki VS 4 stroke yamaha
Watch Pimp my Vespa scooter video ◄ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfdXXjF4bK4&hd=1 2 stroke Polomolok kawasaki HD3 vs 4 stroke kimredbull Yamaha Sniper drag race 400 meters. Video courtesy of kimredbull

GoPro - SX 125 vs KX 85 drag race
Dan and I having a little drag race out at his Grandpa's farm, was a little unfair considering I am on a 125 and he's on an 85... But it was still heaps of fun anyway.

2010 yz 85 vs kx 85
85 yamaha and kawaski

KTM 85 2013 vs KX 85 2013 DRAG RACE
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