Kawasaki 636 VS. 450 HP Audi S4 - High Speed Street Races

Me and my buddy Michael decided it was time to race his 450hp Audi S4 vs. my 2005 Kawasaki 636, and we shot some wheelie footage. His car was insanely fast, but still got spanked by my bike. Then we decided to take his car out for a spin and ran into his buddy with an S4 and the same exact engine build. Too much fun! Enjoy-KM Shot on: GoPro HD Song: Pumped Up Kicks (The Hood Internet Remix feat. Hollywood Holt) by Foster the People

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ZX 636 vs LT1 Corvette
Kawasaki 636 vs Chevy Corvette LT1 off the line. See more of this bike: http://www.youtube.com/theak47s If you would like to submit footage here's the rundown: - It has to be 100% original content that you own and which does not appear anywhere else on YouTube. - Include all the information about the video in the description of it, mark it as unlisted and send a PM with the link. You will receive instructions if the video is selected. - State whether you would like a link to your channel or would like to remain anonymous. StevenRides is a collection of riding footage from around the world. The channel does not encourage reckless behavior on the road. Ride safe. Background music: https://soundcloud.com/differmusic/adventure-club-ft-kai-need

Drag race Gsxr 750 vs Ninja 636
Just having some fun as always

ZX6R (636) vs CBR600RR
Just a quick little race between a Honda CBR600RR w/ Exhaust and a Kawasaki ZX6R (636) w/ Exhaust + jumper mod. Was from ~45MPH to ~140MPH.

Audi S4 vs Porsche turbo
Racing a 2001 stock 911 turbo, he got the jump on the start, but I caught him. Stage 3 2001 Audi S4 running an aggressive pump tune with shell V-power 356WHP, keep in mind Audi's lose 25-30% HP through the drivetrain. Didn't wanna hurt my clutch too much so I didn't launch to its full potential.