Аэробус А380 удар Хвостом-Airbus A380 Tailstrike 1

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А380 крутой заход МАКС 2013 A380 steep approach MAKS 2013
А380 в солнечный день на МАКС 2013. А380 прилетает к нам уже второй раз, что не может не радовать, в этом полёте был крутой заход на посадку, взлёт/посадку пришлось вставить из другого облачного дня, т.к. в солнечный день их снять не удалось. A380 at MAKS 2013 sunny. A380 visited us second time, which is good news, in this flight was a steep approach, takeoff/landing had to edit with another cloudy day, because on a sunny day shoot them failed.

Airbus A380 TakeOff Compilation UHD
a series of airbus a380 takeoff in various situations of rain, sun and snow.

Pilotseye.tv - Lufthansa Airbus A380 Departure and Take Off [English Subtitles]
Lufthansa A380 departure and take off from Frankfurt enroute to San Francisco. PLEASE NOTE: This is not my video and is owned by Pilotseye.tv. Copyright content is allowed by the owner. Please visit www.pilotseye.tv to purchase full video. Thank you.

Emirates: #HelloJetman
Armed with unguarded ambition and the vision to push boundaries beyond the unthinkable, Jetman Dubai and Emirates A380 take to the skies of Dubai for an exceptional formation flight.   A carefully choreographed aerial showcase, conducted over the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai skyline, involving the world’s largest passenger aircraft and the experienced Jetman Dubai pilots Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet. Over the last three months, Emirates and the Jetman Dubai teams worked closely to diligently plan and coordinate every detail of this project. Click here http://bit.ly/HelloJetmanEK to watch what went into making the Emirates A380 and the Jetman Dubai team formation happen! Featuring an all Original Soundtrack by Erik Groysman - "Flight" - https://soundcloud.com/stereosaturated/flight