1870 HP Chevelle Street Test. Nelson Racing Engines. Tom Nelson. 1969 Chevelle. NRE.

Tom Nelson takes us for another famous ride in this beautiful 1969 Chevelle. Its not completely finished as yet. What a stunner its going to be. What would this car do with slicks? For more information go to http://nelsonracingengines.com as well as http://nelsonsupercars.com. For Video media production go to http://VeritasMovieStudio.com. To see the previous NRE TV episode for this car click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whAj_z8k1E0&feature=plcp .

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2000 HP Supercar Attacks Malibu! Nelson Racing Engines. NRE.
This car is a rocket ship! Tom Nelson pilots this rocket through Malibu and surrounding areas. Three action sequences. Tom tells us about this Nelson Super Car # 004. The engine is a work of art. We hope you enjoy this movie. Let us know if you do. We will do more. For more information or to download your own copy of this video, go to http://nelsonracingengines.com and http://nelsonsupercars.com as well as nretv.com. Also go to http://VeritasMovieStudio.com for marketing help.

New Big Engine 1000HP+
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9 Of The Greatest 2-Stroke Detroit Diesel Engines Ever
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Fabulous Impala from Nelson Racing Engines
Take a drive in this fabulous car. NRE's Tom Nelson tells us about his car. More at http://nelsonracingengines.com.