How to Clean or Change EGR Valve: Mazda Protege Example

Quick vid of EGR location and removal. Thanks for watching!

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Check Engine Light On? Diagnose codes, repair and reset. Mazda Protege Example.
Just a quick vid here since I was working on the car. Be sure to check out my original code scanner video at

How to Change Plugs, Wires, Coil & PCV Valve in Minutes! Mazda Protege Example
Can't get any easier than this. Changing plugs, wire, coil and PCV valve on a Mazda Protege. Error code P0421 and P0300. Just some work I had to do on my kids car.

Rock Island : M1911 FS Tac II 9MM : In Depth Review, Tear Down & Shooting
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Reloading : 7 62 x 54R Mosin Nagant Ammo
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