chevrolet monza racing in tehran

Warm up-Mohammad Ali Marandian racing with his chevrolet monza against Javad Mousavi (silver BMW M3) in azadi

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1970 Boss 302 wins at 2013 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion
The car being driven is a 1970 Mustang, which was converted to a tube-chassis IMSA car in 1976. The car was built and driven by Rainer Neuman, and was known as the 'Spectre Car'. It was a local favorite at Sears Point and Laguna Seca in the Seventies. The engine is a 302 block, bored to 366 cu with four Webbers. It produces around 600 hp, and is good for 7500 rpm. It has Hurst-Airheart brakes, and its 15 inch BBS wheels are 17" wide in the rear. A dog box and Ford nine inch rear delivers the power to the wheels. 6A is the IMSA GT 1973 to 1982 group. This year they had 46 cars in the group. The group features some fabulous cars: BMW M1 Procars and CSL Batmobiles, twin-turbo Porsche 935s, and Dekon Monzas. Not to mention some great drivers: Bruce Canepa in the very fast #12 Porsche, Ken Epsman in the Budweiser Dekon Monza, and this year Adam Carolla drove his Paul Newman zx300 turbo.

کورس اتومبیل در ایران car race in iran
کورس و مسابقه اتومبیل در ایران car race in iran

Me And ALi Street racing in Iran
This is a video of me and my bro Ali reza racing in iran, i took this with a phone camera, im sitting in the drivers seat,, this clip is also uploaded by another person on youtube, i dont noe y its there,, i thought it was my friend that had saved it for me but no matter how much i message him , i dont get an answer, anyway enjoy

Drag race at parsan airport Tehran.september 6 and 7.for more info send messages to my account.