chevrolet monza racing in tehran

Warm up-Mohammad Ali Marandian racing with his chevrolet monza against Javad Mousavi (silver BMW M3) in azadi

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Chevrolet Monza - Le Mans Classic 2010
Motor Collectors and Motul offer you the opportunity to discover a Chevrolet Monza 1976, entered in grid 6 of Le Mans Classic 2010. Motor Collectors et Motul vous proposent de découvrir une Chevrolet Monza de 1976, inscrit en plateau 6 du Mans Classic 2010

Iranian sports car ,Iran
Kaveh farzaie is a Iranian how lives in Sweden and he is one of the biggest name in styling and racing comunitys here he is whith his NSX this car is the only car in the world whith this Specifikations ,,fast and good looking (more)

Chevy Monza Spyder
Driving my 1978 Chevy Monza through some curves, jamming some crazy tune's.. Name the tune anyone?? Guacamole anyone?

Friendly Street Racing in Chamran Highway, Tehran.