Ashes To Ashes 'Spoof' Top Gear test of Audi Quattro

Top Gear's Noel Edmonds talks us thru the Audi Quattro

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Gene Hunt: You've Just Been Quattroed!
A funny clip from the series 2 finale of BBCs' Ashes To Ashes. More info on the series can be found here: I'll give 10/10 for the quattroed taunt but 6/10 for the stunt itself because you can easily see that the stuntman is on a wire as he lifts off the ground a good 2 - 3 feet before the car hits him as you can see from the video still image. What do you think?

Ultimate cars: Audi Quattro
Discovery Channel´s ultimate cars. The Audi Quattro, the best rally car ever Programa ultimate cars do discovery channel Audi quattro, o melhor carro de rally de todos os tempos

Audi Quattro v RS6