Lexus LFA vs Corvette ZR1

I got these video's to show how the LFA stands up to the ZR1. Some fags keep saying this Video is bullshit because the results were not from the same place (Top Gear) but top gear said the 0-60 time for the ZR1 is 3 seconds, and that the top speed is also 205mph And since both track times were from Top gear anyway that means the ZR1 is still in front, If anything, I was being nice going to Motor trend cuz they actualy posted a slower time. LOL The LFA still lost even with the results from the same place LOL. Top Gear link that proves this: This shows the Corvette did not run a dry lab aswell, and since the LFA has not ran the nurburgring yet, this was the closest I can get. but is two seconds really worth 400,000??

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1998 Buick Regal Transformation
I am just getting started.

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My time at the Gator Nationals. 720p.
We did a 322 Mile trip to the Gator Nationals. It was well worth the trip and we will be back next year. Sit back and enjoy some FAST cars.

Time Lapse GoPro HD
The idea for this vid came from BeltDrivenMadness. Florida Sunrise shot with the GoPro 960- 6000 pictures-one picture every two seconds for about 5 hours. GoPro video quality set to 1080p via Pinnacle Studio 14. I was on Vacation at the Mediterranean Townhouse Redington Shores FL. Song- By: Ed Alleyne Johnson. Title: Orange Townhouse Site: