Mallory Park special saloons 29/6/11

collection of back in the day spaceframes,all very well turned out, shame you wont be able to smell the castrol R from your computer!

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Silverstone Finals Hillman imp in car Part 2 oct 2011
40 car grid, Fantastic meeting,part 2 of race after red flag and full restart.

1068cc Hillman imp engine on old school Heenan Froude dyno
Apolgies for screaming driveshaft ruining the sound of lovely imp engine.Also the scruffy sump is just for purpose of Dyno, not permenent

Special Saloons Crashes Mallory Park 20/7/14 CSCC
2 crashes during the second Special Saloons race at the Mallory Park Revival meeting.

CBR1000RR + castrol R40 = :)
vlogging it NI group facebook