Mallory Park special saloons 29/6/11

collection of back in the day spaceframes,all very well turned out, shame you wont be able to smell the castrol R from your computer!

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Special Saloons Mallory Park 26 Aug 2012 CSCC
Paddock exit of the CSCC Special Saloon race at Mallory Park on August the 28th 2012.

Wendy Wools Special Saloons Thruxton Nov 1981
Wendy wools special saloon car championship race from Thruxton England Nov 1981, Commentary by Murray Walker.

mod saloons 16th October 1983

Mallory Park Crashes, BARC,CSCC 12and27/8/12
I am reducing uploads now because it will spoil the end of year DVD. acton from the 27and12/8/12 and a testing spin