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Viper GTS Engine Build 1
This is progress from the beginning of my engine build of a Dodge Viper GTS. It originally spun a rod bearing and instead of returning it to stock I decided to pep it up a bit. I am shooting for 750-800 to the wheels with a Roe at 10lbs of Boost. I am tackling this rebuild myself, so I'm posting these vids so other people can get some ideas if they decide to do the same one day.

600rwhp Dodge Viper with 520ci motor
2006 Dodge Viper with Late Model Racecraft installed 520ci stroker engine. This car is equipped with factory intake manifold and throttle body with ported cylinder heads and stage 1 LMR cam shaft. The bottom end is all forged making it 520ci. This car drives like a factory vehicle until you step on the throttle and get over 600rwhp and 600rwtq!!! Check out Follow us on Facebook

Viper-Racing 2007-05-25
Viper-Racing 2007-05-25

Veidec 2009 Run 3 Viper-Racing Twin Turbo 6.60 Pro Modified
Veidec 2009 Run 3 Viper-Racing Twin turbo 6.60 Pro Modified