Saturn ION (Redline) Beating a Ferarri (FM3)

This is a Saturn ION in Forza Motorsport 3 I am working on to eventually become a drifting car. The paint job is still a work in progress and the tune is still a few parts shy of where I want it. But for a few kicks I took it out to test its current "unfinished" status and was pleasantly surprised to see it whipping some stiff competition at straight up racing. I eventually managed second in a two lap race but would have probably taken first had the race gone for another 500 feet lol. I lost to a newer Ferarri so my goal is to get this Redline to a point where it will eventually come in first...

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Saturn Ion Redline racing at roll race event vs 2jz mk4 Supra, turbo BMW, 392 Challanger, and more
Saturn has TVS1320, e85, full bolt on's and port and polished head.

ion red line vs Ls1

Saturn Ion Redline Having Fun at Alameda NAS
2005 Saturn Ion Redline GM Stage II w/Nate's 2.85" Pulley K&N 9" Drop In Cone Filter "Snorkel" Delete Just having some fun on my birthday at the airstrip. First attempt at making a vid. Hope everyone likes!!!

13.52 @ 106.6 mph Saturn Ion Redline
13.52 @ 106.2 mph Saturn Ion Redline LSJ stage II 2.8 pulley and water/methanol injection HP tuners aggressive tune, pump gas Street tires (Azenis) No weight reduction