Supercharged Tundra - 5.0 sec 0-60

Quick clip doing a 5sec 0-60. 2008 Supercharged Tundra [Double Cab] 504 HP 550 ftlbs 22" Chip Foose on Nittos 4"/6" drop Corsa Sport Exhaust

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Supercharged 5.7 Tundra 50-120+
First punch after install, more to come soon.

2015 Toyota Tundra, Quick Drive, TRD SUPERCHARGED!!!
Thanks for watching my review of my buddies 2015 Toyota Tundra. He bought the truck new and got a dealer installed TRD Supercharger. Truck makes 500ish at the crank I believe.. Enjoy :)

2012 Toyota Tundra Supercharged Startup and 0-60
Tundra Crew Max Platinum startup and 0-60 dig in 6.3 seconds. Took it easy on the takeoff but I still chirped the tires at 30mph.

Review of A 2017 Supercharged Tundra Named Thunder Rolls
This is my friends 2017 Magnuson supercharged Tundra with a 6 inch Pro Comp lift!! A big thank you to my friend for giving me the keys for the day and allowing me to abuse his truck. The owner of this Tundra encouraged me to do what I did in the video. Here are the links to the products that I can Remember that are in his truck. Supercharger: lift and skid plates: Running Boards: Wheels: Tires: Gauges: Fender flares: sound proofing: me/ Speakers and amp: LED Lights: Bed liner: Tonneau cover: